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GECO has been producing axial pistons hydraulic motors for the past 40 years. GECO offers a large range of displacements and various output shaft types including a hollow female, which is unique to any motor. GECO offers three unique models


HF Series Motor 
Axial piston, fixed displacement motor

  • Displacements from 6.28 in3 to 40.94 in3.
  • Maximum continuous pressures up to 4640psi.
  • Shaft options include: hollow female spline, double ended male keyed, single male keyed or spline.
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KF Series Motor
Axial piston, fixed displacement motor

  • Displacement from 5.06 in3 to 67.30 in3.
  • Max continuous pressures up to 3000psi.
  • Shaft options include: Standard hollow female, double ended male keyed, and single ended keyed shaft.
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SF Series
Ball piston, fixed displacement motor 

  • Fixed displacements from 2.99 in3 to 30.14 in3.
  • Maximum continuous pressure up to 2000psi.
  • Standard shaft option is a hollow female spline shaft.
  • Optional solid male and double-ended male drive shafts are available.
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Please contact NAHI, LLC for additional information on GECO variable displacement options.