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Black Bruin new internal freewheel valve option


North American Hydraulics and Sampo Hydraulic introduces the new Internal Freewheel Valve for Black Bruin Motors

North American Hydraulics (NAHI, LLC) and Black Bruin is proud to introduce optional internal freewheeling valves designed for BB and BBC Series motors. Shifting is faster and more reliable. Motors can disengage and reengaged on the fly. This motor is ideal for any assist drive application and multiple speed hydrostatic transmissions.

Internal freewheel valve is available in both open and closed position center.

Black Bruin motors offer:

  • Displacement ranges from15.3in3 to 768.8in3
  • Maximum pressures from 5000 psi to 6525 psi
  • Multiple speed capability with shift-on-the-fly
  • Superior radial and axial load capabilities
  • Multiple brake options

Please contact North American Hydraulics (NAHI, LLC) at 225-751-0500 for additional information on the Black Bruin Freewheeling capabilities.

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