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Hansa discontinues series TPV2000


HANSA-TMP will discontiune manufacturing the TPV2000 series pumps. The TPV 3000 is a solution to the TPV 2000 offering three displacements from 20ccm to 32ccm.

Models include TPV 1000,TPV 3000 and TPV 4200 series medium duty pumps for closed loop systems offering:

Compact designs
Displacements from 0.45 in3 to 3.05 in3
Continuous speeds up to 3900 rpm
Max continuous pressures up to 3000 psi and peak pressures up to 5000 psi
Built in pressure relief valves
Optional auxiliary pads for tandem pump installation
Optional by-pass valve.

Please contact NAHI,LLC at 225-751-0500 if you have any questions or need additional information regarding Hansa or any other products represented by NAHI.

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